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Friday, January 23, 2015

DNEX - Asean First Cargo/Trade Facility Provider

This week Market have finally come alive and I would like to share with you all about this future superstar 

DNEX (4456)

I like DNEX very much because of what they do are really important to help businesses grow. Basically you can find a few business offer at their website. But what I want to highlight today is their 2 latest business. 

mytrade2cash.com and coming next mycargo2u just launch yesterday. 

Lets back to my logic trading analysis style first. Lets us have a look at how the price movement of DNEX recently. 

We notice that on beginning of November, price have spike from 0.30 to about 0.40. Why is this happen? Yeah review back its because of the launching mytrade2cash collaboration with Maybank. Not to forget, they expect 5 Billion of trade financing through this website. How much you think DNEX will benefit from it? Lets say if 1%, its equal to 50 mil !! 

About mytrade2cash read more yourself here : click <---

Why such a good news but price keep falling in December? We all have to know that its because of big impact of world oil price decrease and poor market sentiment cause it. 

As of today volume and price hike again, its a strong sign show that its time for DNEX to fly high. Add on yesterday DNEX annouce another new service call mycargo2u, which will help importer and exporter business around ASEAN. Its GST included ! 

you shall read more yourself here : click <--- 

Lets do a simple check on their company earning: 

After DNEX successfully turnaround after digested TIME ENGINEERING, a constant of 3-4 million made. As compare to year 2013, 4 quarter is still making losses, coming quarter we can expecting DNEX giving a super good result because of more service and project they have launch. 

By looking at ASEAN as a whole, import and export business will definitely grow, plus cheap oil price will reduce cost of shipping company which might boost the demand of shipping business. 

If think of online website service provider, you may think of the success of MYEG. MYEG used to be a penny stock and fly as high as 4.0 something. 

How about DNEX? DNEX also doing the same thing, but their business is offer to much larger extend, its offer to ASEAN, not just in Malaysia, and its much towards B2B, which involve in larger amount of transaction and for sure company do not always change their service if DNEX website is convenient for them. 

Think logically, at this moment, DNEX doesn't have any competitor at all, what they have to do is just secure more customer and improved their system. and wallaa ! Money flow to DNEX non stop !

As a conclusion,

1. DNEX - have a very bright future
2. National Single Window - will benefit DNEX 
3. DNEX - price still very low and cheap 
4. DNEX - confirm will earn more in coming quarter 
5. Big player is pushing now, we shall see a BIG N shape rebound and break above 0.40.

My first TP, 0.38, second TP 0.42, third TP 0.60, future 1.0 to be reviewed. 


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  3. Great post!! How did you make these charts? Finding and getting good data is just as hard as finding edges and clues to market direction. I tried many times but never able to do completely.
    wall street trader