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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

MLGLOBAL - The Rise Of LBS Construction Arm

As if you still not yet read my first introduction about MLGLOBAL, please come here first:


As for this post, I will share some more information found out from MLGLOBAL (7595).

As previous post we mentioned that MLGLOBAL actually is a new construction company, mainly due to LBS injected their construction company MITCE into MLGLOBAL.

Since MLGLOBAL just release its annual report last week, we look through the TOP 30 largest share holder, and you will find that LBS and their Boss hold almost 60-70% of MLGLOBAL shares.


Out of TOP 30 shareholder, 20 are all from famous fund house !~! 

I am strongly believe that all these fund house confident with MLGLOBAL futures, that's why most of them invested into this company. Look at those key name, Growth Fund, Eastspring Investment Dynamic Fund, even KWP, Tenaga National Fund, KWS Guru, we can conclude this company will definately a stable because of so many strong fund supporting.


From LBS annual report, we also can see it mentioned that LBS owned MLGLOBAL 55.34% !!

To further assure MLGLOBAL would have growth prospect, we first believe to check on LBS future prospect, because many projects are coming from LBS.

From LBS Annual report, they have 16 ongoing projects with total GDV of RM 2.90 billion ! Not to mention that they still have huge land bank of 3962 arcres, which about GDV of RM 29.80 billion !! It's very huge number !!

Interestingly, in LBS annual report, they also cover some details of MLGLOBAL, which they name it their Construction Division, and we can see 85% of revenue are coming from LBS !

With LBS management and leadership in MLGLOBAL, I am fully confident and believe that MLGLOBAL can do well in future.

After study throughout both LBS and MLGLOBAL annual report, 

I further raise my own hope for short term price to RM 1.50, mid term RM 2.00, long term RM 3.00.