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Sunday, April 3, 2016

LTA - Watchlist for APRIL 2016

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This month we will remain notice some construction stock moving, but since last month already did well, I am not covered stock with construction theme.

I will special high light some special theme that related to call warrant, and warrants, and remember watchlist below may not suitable to hold until end of APRIL. Hit and run apply. 

After POS, DRBHICOM, MALAKOF, MMCCORP, PARKSON, AEON big Meletup last month, I believe the same theme may roll over which is Goreng the mother share and make huge profit from call warrant / warrant issues under the mother share. You can check back your own how many fold the call warrant have up, stock I mentioned above.

Remember it's higher risk to play such stock because it might not fundamentally sound super great but it's possibly the game at this few weeks, also possible to fail, please do not trade if you not understand.

Stock I spotted that may have similar trend that goreng mom up to earn Mom and warrant are like:

1. MINETEC & MINETEC-WA - Construction theme and used to received awards from GAMUDA few years back. Already mentioned in some here:


MINETEC closing on 01/04/2016 RM 0.095 
MINETEC-WA closing                 RM 0.03 (exercise RM 0.15, expired Nov 2019)

As long as goreng MINETEC to break RM 0.12 to RM 0.15, MINETEC-WA chances of double are extremely high, which mean MINETEC-WA shall move to RM 0.05-0.07. 

2. TA & TA-CF - Technically bottoming up and RM strengthen benefit to the company, and this company still quite undervalue.

TA closing RM 0.575

TA-CF closing RM 0.025 (exercise RM 0.70, ratio 0.75, expired 08/06/2016)

If TA mother go to RM 0.75,

TA-CF = RM 0.75 - RM 0.70 (exercise) / 0.75 (ratio) = RM 0.0666 (triple from current price)

if TA mother go to RM 0.80

TA-CF = RM 0.80 - RM 0.70 (exercise) / 0.75 (ratio)) = RM 0.1333 (5.3x from current price)

Due to panic buy and still have 2 month expiry date, trader usually trade exceed its value and overshoot a lot, we can see it from past experience on POS and others. 

3. SEACERA, SEACERA-WA, SEACERA-WB - Construction theme and technically look low risk. Cut if break RM 0.94. 

SEACERA closing RM 0.96

SEACERA-WA RM 0.29 (exercise RM 1.0, expired 16/05/2017)

SEACERA-WB RM 0.37 (exercise RM 1.0, expired 29/05/2019)

Due to long expiry date, once mother cross above RM 1.0, definitely will trigger trader to goreng the warrant up. 


VIVOCOM closing RM 0.28

VIVOCOM-WB RM 0.115 (exercise RM 0.24, expired 07/09/2018)

VIVOCOM-WC RM 0.185 (exercise RM 0.10, expired 22/01/2020) (lower premium compare to WB)

VIVOCOM-WD RM 0.185 (exercise RM 0.10, expired 08/07/2020) (lower premium compare to WB)

As long as VIVOCOM above RM 0.30, we can see all WB, WC, WD at least up RM 0.02 or more.

5. KEYASIC - Purely personal interest and think this company maybe will goreng up again. Without any warrant. 

Falling with volume decreasing, high chance to test again at around RM 0.235, if able to break shall move higher target. Company latest development with their new technology claims to be world fastest WIFI SD Card, WIFI USB Drive, which attract my attention, I put some bet on this company and hope their product and futures will do well. (already make losses for few quarters)

Disclaimer: Above sharing are purely personal watchlist without intend to influence or any intention. Trader please consult your dealer/remisier, and trade at your own risk. I do not take any responsibility on this post. If you lose, do not blame the author, because it's your own skill problem !

LTA - Watchlist Result for March 2016

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Last month, stock picks in http://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/logictradinganalysiss/92956.jsp


Price opening  Price closing  Gain
on 14 March 2016 on 31 March 2016  
KIMLUN                 RM 1.71                             RM 1.83,  RM 0.12
GAMUDA              RM 4.70                                RM 4.92, highest RM 5.0 on 28/03/2016 RM 0.22
GAMUDA-WE       RM 0.99                               RM 1.10 RM 0.11
SUNCON             RM 1.48                         RM 1.62, highest RM 1.71 on 25/03/2016 RM 0.14
GKENT               RM 1.61  RM 1.77, highest RM 1.88 on 30/03/2016 RM 0.16
MITRA                   RM 1.19                                RM 1.23, highest RM 1.28 on 21/03/2016 RM 0.04
GADANG            RM 1.95                           RM 2.09  RM 0.14
MRCB                   RM 1.18                                 RM 1.25 RM 0.07
TAANN                 RM 4.86                                RM 5.05 , highest RM 5.18 on 17/03/2016 RM 0.19
HSI-C17                 RM 0.365                               RM 0.33 , highest RM 0.425 on 21/03/2016  RM -0.035, 
AAX                      RM 0.30                                 RM 0.29, highest RM 0.31 RM -0.01
AIRASIA                RM 1.74                                 RM 1.83, highest RM 1.92 on 28/03/2016 RM 0.09
TUNEPRO              RM 1.38                                  RM 1.35, highest RM 1.46 on 16/03/2016 RM -0.03
RSENA                RM 0.405                                RM 0.405 unchange
GENTING           RM 8.88                                  RM 9.80 RM 0.92
GENTING-WA     RM 1.48                                  RM 2.23 RM 0.75
ASTRO                  RM 2.90                                   RM 2.99 RM 0.09

17 stock picks, 13 GAIN, 4 LOSS, 1 unchanged, if smart trader sell when profit not wait until 31 March are almost 16 stocks gain and 1 unchange only !

Logic Trading Analysis trading strategy are based on short term and we take profit fast within few day to weeks not month. Above result is only 2 weeks 3 days. 

It's a super good month for me in March, if you can't make profit, it's your own trading problems, don't put on blame on others !!

I am openly challenge you if you are good, put your stock picks out and not just acting childish, I meant to all other groups that like insult me behind.

We may mistake once in a while, but we look forward and not backwards like you did, I am sad for you !!

This is for you Terenceguh