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Friday, November 23, 2018


ELKDESA (5228) is a very low volume stock and not much people pay attention to it, that's why our title mentioned this company remain silent.

We have been also monitor this stock silently for years because if market don't move it, we even happy because we can slowly collect it.

However, we believe now is best time to share about this company because we believe the latest result have been telling us, it's big time for them to start a big rally ! 

What this company do? You can view their website first here:


Basically their core business are hire purchase financing for used motor vehicles, and another is furniture. Hire Purchase Financing can be a very unique business and the very few that listed in BURSA. 

A little bit similar peer can be compare or related are RCECAP which also doing financial but different field.

To put this analysis simple and quick, first we show you the quarterly result ever since IPO until now.

We can see super obvious that during IPO year 2013, Revenue only RM 10 million and profit 2 million.

Until latest quarter, Revenue already growth to triple up to RM 30 million, and profit growth to 4x which is RM 8.6 million. 

It's very obvious that this company have been posting good result ever since year 2013 until 2018 and almost every quarter improve.

This have been very long time and already proved for 5 years tracking record, not much stock in BURSA can do that.

Looking at Dividend return also Superb as the company have 60% dividend policy, which with current price of RM 1.20+, dividend yield have about 5-6% which is consider quite good compare to many other stock.

Although the company have been go through a 3 time right issue, but in actual fact those right issue is give big opportunity for shareholder to buy at lower price and increase their share, which we can show you at the chart below. (Monthly chart to show price ever since IPO until now)

If we adjust the chart with right issue, we can see that all this year the price lowest only at RM 1.00.

And just last week price have making a Big Breakout !!

A breaking of RM 1.24 and close RM 1.27 seems to bring this stock to close at new high !!

We do not know whether you ever listen one quotes from BURSA, if a stock can break new high, at least another 20-30% upside will be seems because everyone is making money and the mood of buying up is high !

Another thing is that the company expecting to continue post even better result ! So what ?

As a Conclusion :

1. Revenue, Profit new historical high.
2. Revenue triple up and profit quadruple compare to the first time ipo result.
3. Almost every quarter improving revenue and profit.
4. Dividend increased, yield at about 5.6%, every year give 2 time ever since IPO 2013.
5. Dividend Policy (%) 60% of earning, that's why good dividend payout.
6. Business furniture and hire purchase loan to second hand car market and general insurance.
7. If you missed the growth of RCECAP, this one will be the next good choice.
8. Price has been sideways for 3 years ever since 2015, is time to wake up. 
9. Director been buying lately, price at RM 1.18. This level will be strong support.
10. Risk reward very good.  If count in pass few right issue, current price just break new high, which mean got 20%-30% to go higher.

My Personal target it should at least go to RM 1.40-1.60 level or even higher towards RM 2.0, once market recognize and notice it, sure will start goreng higher.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

LTA - Potential Strong Rebound Stock This Week

Last week market was really exciting as Hong Kong market, USA market big free fall ! 

However every fall will surely hit the floor and bounce up.

At this juncture we don't care whether this rebound can last or sustain but we would like to share with you stock that potentially rebound up ! To catch some short term money !

GAMUDA (5398)

Why GAMUDA remain TOP pick for catch rebound? As MRT2 already put on negotiation table, new Gov are quite unlikely to terminate their project and re-tender, price has been extra cheap at the moment. The white strong candle on last Thursday has already indicating a strong positive digestion of bad news which should see it move further up.

Potential rebound target RM 2.70 - RM 3.00.

QES (0196)

QES one of the cheaper price SEMICON stock and also recent IPO . Have posted very good result and market have been very positive with future outlook and prospect. Techinically has been strong uptrend which mean recent fall actually an opportunity to set entry for further upside.

Potential rebound target RM 0.36 - RM 0.40

WEGMANS (0197)

WEGMANS is one of the recent new IPO and furniture stock that has been very bullish uptrending, recent fall that cause by sentiment has already drop way below the uptrend line, which causing many short term player panic and cut loss, however it's expecting to recover stronger if world market remain stable.

Potential rebound target RM 0.38 - RM 0.40

NOTION (0083)

NOTION is a little bit special as in the progress of a big uptrend, and now consolidating in range awaiting to make a big push up. Recent fall has been great opportunity to set in. Has been forming bottom for half year all because of the beautiful fire that burn their factory, and now manage to claim RM 150 million which is about RM 0.45 cash per share. Current price only RM 0.60+ which mean you are buying pretty cheap !

Potential rebound target RM 0.76 - RM 0.90.

DANCO (5276) 

DANCO has been posting strong result, and price have been drop way below before recent announce result price. Expecting to see further rebound up as it's supposed to be very bullish uptrend.

Potential rebound target RM 0.48 - RM 0.52

JHM (0127)

JHM has been posting record high earning, yet price has falling way too much. It's supposedly breakout and bullish uptrend, fortunately bad sentiment has give us chance to enter at lower price. This must be golden opportunity as most likely it will further rebound up and further uptrend.

Potential rebound target RM 1.30 - RM 1.40.

CHINWEL (5007)

CHINWEL has just post a very strong result, price also finally break away from more than half year downtrend. It's already indicating a very bullish movement. Recent retrace from RM 2.0 again give chance to enter lower before it move much higher up. Compare to peers TONGHER price has been up up all the way, next should be CHINWEL's turn.

Potential rebound target RM 2.0 - RM 2.30.

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Thursday, October 11, 2018


NOVAMSC (0026) Shariah Compliance

However firstly we learn what NOVAMSC doing and what potential they do have !

Yes you are right, it's time LTA cover this company NOVAMSC as this company truly attract and filled lots of Big Meletup Criteria. As you know, LTA don't often publish our view on stock as often as other because we only post the best out of the best !

You can look at our past record of JFTECH, IQGROUP, N2N, FRONTKN, MLGLOBAL, many at least move more than 50% up in less than half year time.

So what is so good about NOVAMSC that finally covered by LTA research?

First of all, I want you to open their company website check every page and learn what they doing : http://www.nova-hub.com/

What I can say about this company website is very simple and humble, showing beautiful photo with what they doing, what product they offer, and the most common one director/ceo information is not show, it tell's the Boss are not the one wanna show off, they focus on their work and that's good enough for a shareholder view !!

Next very simple fundamental analysis will do :

Well latest quarter finally show great profit come in, and we quite sure coming November result can do much better, and remember this picture as I will compare it with a company that look very similar later.

And most importantly it's a NETT CASH COMPANY !

How good about this company future and prospect, you can just go check this blog :


It mention NOVAMSC potential to be MYEG 2.0 ! 
E-Government Solution Provider !!

LTA is more interested to tell you how big possible it will BIG MELETUP UP soon !

Let us show you a few case study that already happen BIG MELETUP !

Case 1


Why KEYASIC can suddenly big Meletup from RM 0.10 towards RM 0.16 then washing almost 5 month then finally super Meletup above RM 0.34 !! (on 11/10/2017)

Very simple reason as KEYASIC profit turn around and start contribute positive for few quarter.

To compare KEYASIC with NOVAMSC, we know both are doing IT stuff and it's technology stock. However KEYASIC total share issue is much higher compare to NOVAMSC, what this telling?

Go and compare NOVAMSC latest quarter earning with KEYASIC you will find that NOVAMSC earning much higher, earn EPS much higher due to lower share issued !

Very simple, NOVAMSC once post stable or even better result in November, then we expecting October this month the price will start shoot up already !

Case 2

SYSTECH (0050) 

Not convince with KEYASIC case? We show you SYSTECH about the same situation too. Firstly we show you the price movement first.

SYSTECH too has been hovering RM 0.15 - RM 0.18 just like what KEYASIC did then before result in NOVEMBER out, big Meletup up ! All the way hit RM 0.47 ! (16/11/2016)

Looking back why did SYSTECH actually up so much? After all 17/11/16 result improve compare to 18/8/2016, and just small improvement ! The key is consistent post profit and then price will go up !!

LOOK CLOSELY SYSTECH EPS !! Just 0.29 EPS for 17/7/2016 Q2 Result.

So NOVAMSC latest result already posting 0.24 EPS, its super close to SYSTECH and much better than KEYASIC, so why NOVAMSC price can't move like what have KEYASIC and SYSTECH did?

They all on on same categories as Technology IT related company, so Valuation wise should be also almost the same, since balance sheet for all this company are about the same, not much debt, got some cash and NOVAMSC have most cash compare to the rest !

KEYASIC cash = RM 1.021 mil        Cash per share / 930.57m = RM 0.001 per share
SYSTECH cash = RM 5.874 mil        Cash per share / 347.71m = RM 0.016 per share
NOVAMSC cash = RM 18.646 mil     Cash per share / 751.56m = RM 0.024 per share

See by just looking at latest result already show NOVAMSC richest yet price still lagging, it's highly ready and potentially for a big Meletup up already !!

Actually many other not profiting company also manage to big goreng up, NOVAMSC consider as very low risk so it's surely a good investment so far !

As a conclusion:

1. NOVAMSC is an IT technologies company that have full potential of big Meletup up !
2. NOVAMSC is an International company have business in many countries !
3. NOVAMSC has new product and already start securing business from CHINA, SINGAPORE and more coming soon.
4. NOVAMSC order book has achieve new high !
5. NOVAMSC price remain very low compared to other peers !
6. NOVAMSC high potential to post better result !
7. NOVAMSC this type of stock are the favorite choice of MYEG Boss WONG TS, CREADOR fund by BRAHMAL VASUDEVAN, once they join party, price surely big meletup !

Better be earlier than late yo !

My own personal "hope" for short term price to reach RM 0.25, mid term hope RM 0.40, long term hope RM 0.60.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

DUTALND - Safest Cash Rich Company In BURSA

After our successful investment in TRIPLC - Sure win Zero Risk, (now name as PEB still up after special dividend), now it's time we found another one look similar and still have big % to move up.

Yes, it's DUTALND (3948)

A company remain cheap and safe to invest ! 


I put it very simple for this case as I hope you can understand immediately !

Everything start with Dutaland sell off their plantation land in Sabah.


Lets us check the latest quarterly result of DUTALND on May 2018.

Many might not realize that the company already receive the money of RM 675 million !
To understand this amount is significant or not, let me show you my very simple calculation.

We know that total share issued of DUTALND is 846.118 million share.

RM 675 million / 846.118m = RM 0.7977 cash per share !

Current stock price only RM 0.52. What is this mean??

RM 0.7977 - RM 0.52 = RM 0.277

Still got RM 0.277 cent potential upside and it's 53% potential upside now !!

Definitely this company is already showing undervalues !

Well of course we need to check whether the company is nett cash position !

Dutalnd short and long term borrowings not even more than 4 million ! That mean the land sale of RM 675 million will be a big cash that going to pump into Cash and Bank balances during August quarterly result !

This is how up coming result possible look like ! Cash big increase !

By the time quarterly result release, then many people going to realize the big value of this money !

Beside this, the company boss already taking action lately !

Kenny Height Developments is actually own by the boss family, in annual report 2017, they owned 28.23%, on 26/7/2018 has increased to 29.14% !! If you check back past few years annual report, all the while just maintain ! Duta Equities also from total 22.21% increased to 23.49 %

Why all of suddenly the company and the family start buying their own company shares?

It's obvious !

DUTALND is very undervalues after plantation land sale off !
The Family increase stake for aiming the future return of this big cash of RM 675 million !

What is the potential of this RM 675 million ? Special Dividend ? 

Yes !!! 

Many did not know company already planned to payout RM 85 million for special dividend which is equal to:

RM 85 million 846.118m = RM 0.10045 cent dividend !! 

Dividend  RM 0.10 / Current price RM 0.50+ = 20% dividend yield !

SOME more ! 

The company receives property worth RM 45.4 million ! It's equal to RM 0.053 cent per share !


SOME more ! 

And look Duta Grand hotel this property worth RM 334.184 million which valuation at 1996 !
If revalue it could be double up !

Just take RM 334.184 / total share 846.118m = Worth RM 0.394 per share !

Let us see the price movement lately :

Technically hit low of RM 0.47 where the place company start buying back their own shares. Once break RM 0.54 definitely can see big push up again.

As a quick conclusion, 

Just imagine you buy this company at RM 0.50+, 
with big cash worth RM 0.79, 
with property / land development worth RM 0.40+

You are actually buying RM 0.79 + RM 0.40 = RM 1.19 with only RM 0.50+ at market price ! !!

And already have RM 0.10 special dividend for sure coming into pocket soon ! 

My own short term hope to reach RM 0.64 mid term hope RM 0.78.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

4 Possible Scenarios Post-GE14 Malaysia

What Will happen after upcoming 9 May 2018 Malaysia toughest Election !?

I found this article from the edge worth some reading as it's totally same as what I think but I do like to add on some ideas highlight below:

Analysts and fund managers highlight four possible scenarios:

1.     The most likely scenario: BN to retain its simple majority
2.     BN to win a bigger majority (presumably two-thirds)
3.     A hung parliament
4.     A surprise Pakatan Harapan victory

Scenario 1
Relief rally expected if Barisan Nasional retains its simple majority

With most fund managers and analysts pricing in a simple-majority victory for Barisan Nasional in the 14th general election (GE14), the stock market is expected to experience a relief rally if the prediction comes true. (Mean most of the glc stock will up up)

In GE13 when BN retained power with 133 seats out of 222 seats despite losing the popular vote, the stock market rebounded positively post-election.

The market had been relatively flat prior to polling day as the election outcome was uncertain owing to expectations that the ruling coalition could lose amid the opposition’s rallying cries of “Ubah” and “Ini Kalilah”.

On the last trading day before the polls, the FBM KLCI only edged up 0.56% to 1,694.77 points.
However, the day after the election results were announced, the benchmark index jumped 3.4% and continued to rally until the year end, gaining a tenth to close 2013 at 1,866.96 points.
UOB Asset Management (M) Bhd chief investment officer Francis Eng Tuck Meng says the historical evidence suggests the market tends to be relatively flat in the lead-up to a general election but rebounds on average after election uncertainties are removed.

“Under this scenario, it suggests positive returns post-election,” he says.
Saturna Sdn Bhd group president Monem A Salam concurs. He says the continuity of government policies are better ensured when the incumbents get an extended mandate.
“Markets do not like uncertainty, whether it is with regard to policy, politics or the economy. So, if the election outcome is as expected, then we should see a relief rally, which could last for about a week to four months,” he adds.

A head of research who did not want to be named believes the construction and infrastructure sectors will be the biggest beneficiaries in such an event.

“If you look at the construction players, they have not really been moving upwards. Part of the reason could be due to the uncertainties about the outcome of the upcoming election. If BN retains its seats, it is likely that most of the infrastructure projects will continue. We will probably see some positive movement among these players,” he says.

“At the moment, there is a risk of policy change if there is a change in government.”
As at March 7, the Bursa Malaysia Construction Index had fallen 5.3% year on year and was down nearly 7% year to date. In contrast, the FBM KLCI gained 9.5% from a year ago and 2.5% year to date.

Scenario 2
FBM KLCI to see a strong rally if BN regains a two-thirds majority

A two-thirds majority win for BN would boost foreign investor confidence and is projected to translate into a strong market rally. (Of course will big big up lah cause BN BIG win ma)

Eng says the FBM KLCI could see an even higher return should BN regain a two-thirds majority — a majority it had commanded until GE12 in 2008.

“The uncertainty only became more pronounced recently. If you look at historical data, the FBM KLCI performed better in the 12 months post-election in five of seven general elections prior to 2008,” says a local fund manager.

“From 1978 to 1995, the 12-month average return of the index from the election date was 32.7%.”
The election risk was heightened after BN, led by the then prime minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, lost its traditional two-thirds majority in 2008, he says. Ironically, Abdullah had led the ruling coalition to a landslide victory in the preceding polls in 2004.

“Of course, when it was under [Tun] Dr Mahathir [Mohamad], there was some political risk during the Reformasi period, but it was only a temporary blip, unlike what we are seeing today. So, if BN regains the two-thirds majority, it will definitely reduce the political risk and boost foreign investor confidence,” says the fund manager.

Monem concurs that a stronger mandate will underscore the people’s confidence in the administration as they will be clear on its policies and direction. “This will be good for stability and it eliminates the risk of uncertainty. We should see a slightly stronger rally right after the election,” he says.

Apex Investment Services Bhd managing director Clement Chew opines that market weakness in the weeks ahead could provide investors with a buying opportunity if the election is projected to be held in late April or May. “The market is likely to trend upwards when this uncertainty is removed,” he says.

As in scenario 1, construction players are expected to benefit from the continuation of government policy and further infrastructure spending. Banks, utilities, construction companies and selective small and mid-cap stocks could see an increase in buying interest.

Scenario 3
Heavy selldown in the event of a hung parliament as uncertainties loom large

In the event of a hung parliament where both BN and the opposition coalition Pakatan Harapan fail to obtain an outright mandate to assume control of the government, investors could trigger a heavy selldown as they pull money out of the market to wait out the uncertainties. (This is worst really not good !)

This will be the worst possible outcome for investors, Chew says.
“The market abhors uncertainty. A hung parliament creates a leadership vacuum and time will be needed to resolve this. The implementation of projects and decision-making may take a back seat. This will affect the earnings of some companies,” he says.

“As a hung parliament is a rare occurrence, buyers are likely to stay away until clarity emerges. The market is likely to suffer a material decline in the short term under this scenario.”
Eng also expects the knee-jerk reaction to a hung parliament to be negative.

“Investors will be concerned about politicking and whether it could affect the government’s effectiveness in terms of policies and getting things done. Negative sentiment could be protracted, depending on the government’s effectiveness under this scenario,” he says.
A case in point is GE12 in 2008.

BN lost Perak when it captured 28 seats to the opposition’s 31 seats. The then opposition Pakatan Rakyat comprised the Democratic Action Party (DAP), Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) and Parti Islam Se-Malaysia (PAS).

After 11 months in power, Pakatan Rakyat saw the balance of power tip in BN’s favour following the defection of four of its assemblymen.

Investors fear similar defections in a hung parliament could result in a change in Putrajaya.
While it is difficult to predict how long the uncertainty in the stock market would last, Monem expects it to be very volatile. However, regardless of which coalition wins, he is long-term positive on the local stock market.

“The government can derail but in the long run, the Malaysian economy and stock market will be fine,” he says.
Monem also believes Malaysia is a healthy democracy and that laws are in place to ensure continuity of government regardless of who wins. As such, he suggests that investors with a long-term view buy on market weakness.

Scenario 4
Opposition victory puts Malaysia in uncharted territory

A shocking victory by Pakatan Harapan (PH) will put Malaysia in uncharted territory as BN has ruled since independence. (not necessary bad who know they also reduce corporate tax like USA? reduce GST also can give a good boost to company mah)

According to Eng, a negative knee-jerk reaction is expected under this scenario because it is unprecedented, thus magnifying uncertainties. “The recovery of the market would depend on how the new government wins investor confidence and [how it] implements its policies.”

A head of research says the risk of a less-than-smooth transition of power could rattle the market. Recall that in 1969 when the Alliance Party (before BN was formed) lost its majority in Perak, Selangor and Penang in addition to Kelantan, riots broke out.

Known as the May 13 Incident, it resulted in a state of emergency or darurat being declared by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and the suspension of parliament. The National Operations Council was then established as a caretaker government to temporarily govern the country.

Such an incident is unlikely to recur given the independence of the security forces and strong civil servant framework.
Bursa Malaysia said records for the Straits Times Industrial Index’s performance following the riots were not available. The index was the benchmark indicator then for the joint Malaysian-Singapore stock markets until post-1973.

In his book Stock Market Investment in Malaysia and Singapore, Dr Neoh Soon Kean, founder and executive chairman of investment consulting and publication firm Dynaquest Sdn Bhd, states that the Straits Times Industrial Index plunged nearly a fourth to a low of 130 in late 1970 from 170 in April 1969.

In 2008, when BN lost Penang, Selangor, Kedah and Perak while Kelantan remained with the opposition, the share market tanked in line with global markets caught in the financial crisis at the time. However, the Dow Jones Industrial Average’s 31.9% decline was surpassed by the KLCI’s 36.3% plunge.

“If BN were to lose control of the government, the market will tank as investors would price in the worst-case scenario. The risks from the 1MDB (1Malaysia Development Bhd) investigation would resurface as the market would need to look at the probability of a full-blown probe into the issues, as promised by Dr Mahathir in PH’s election manifesto,” says a market observer.

Chew, however, thinks that the market will move higher in the short term despite a PH victory. “Even though this is an unprecedented event, the market will move higher simply because an uncertain event has been removed. There is a possibility that the market will be fuelled by hopes of change and election promises. The hype will fuel the exuberance. If the market rallies, investors should sell as the reality may not match the rhetoric.”

He points out that a new leadership would entail profound changes, including government policies, priorities, projects and people in charge.

What I think is, if BN win, I will eat eat MRCB, EKOVEST and all the construction stock :)
If BN lose, I will catch those blue chip with big big fall and sure they will rebound back !

source : http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/lead-story-four-possible-scenarios-postge14

Saturday, April 7, 2018

How to Withdrawal Fund from ETORO?

 “Highly volatile investment product. Past performance is not an indication of future results. The content is intended for educational purposes only and should not be considered as an investment advice. Your capital is at risk.”

Once make great profit, its time to withdraw fund for party !

 click this link to SIGN UP Free HERE <----

Scroll down the sidebar and click Withdraw Funds.

Key in the amount you want to withdraw and click submit.

Just key in the reason and click continue.

Just choose any type of transfer you prefer and fill in the detail and click submit will be done !
If you fund though credit card, normally they will reverse back to your credit card first ! If got access credit in your credit card just go spend it happily or ask your bank transfer to your saving !! 

Life is good when  you can short market during bad times ! People suffer we still making profit !

“Highly volatile investment product. Past performance is not an indication of future results. The content is intended for educational purposes only and should not be considered as an investment advice. Your capital is at risk.”

How to Trade at ETORO !!

  “Highly volatile investment product. Past performance is not an indication of future results. The content is intended for educational purposes only and should not be considered as an investment advice. Your capital is at risk.”

In this post I show you how to add the market we want to trade, at first click add market.

 click this link to SIGN UP Free HERE <----

All types of market will show out, if you good at USA stock, you can choose as well, I prefer Indices as it represent overall market, if market bad, indices will also fall the most.

After click Indices you can see that many countries indices show out.

Just tick any you like especially DJ30, GER30, JPN225 as these 3 usually have big up down movement and can make great profit if you trade the correct way.

After click all will show inside watchlist, and now watch carefully as below will be important part to make a trade. Click S or B at if you want to trade.

A order page will pop out. Just can set what price to stop loss and what price to take profit. As this is index, the market did not open today show it din't show out how much the index fall will make $1000 profit. During weekday we will be able to see it.

Make sure you trade the correct way only you can make profit ! You might loss if you trade wrong way !

“Highly volatile investment product. Past performance is not an indication of future results. The content is intended for educational purposes only and should not be considered as an investment advice. Your capital is at risk.”

How to Deposit Fund into ETORO account?

“Highly volatile investment product. Past performance is not an indication of future results. The content is intended for educational purposes only and should not be considered as an investment advice. Your capital is at risk.”

It's very simple and direct to funding your ETORO account ! Just click Deposit !

 click this link to SIGN UP Free HERE <----

You can choose by credit card or wire transfer or any method you prefer, fill in details and click submit ! 

If you using credit card, it will be almost immediate to show your fund inside the account and ready to trade !

To learn how to make a trade follow next post.

How to Sign Up ETORO Trading Platform?

“Highly volatile investment product. Past performance is not an indication of future results. The content is intended for educational purposes only and should not be considered as an investment advice. Your capital is at risk.”

Well, I have been using ETORO for quite some time, it's real simple and easy, I would like to share with everyone the benefit and how to maximize profit during this downtrend market.

First of all, click this link to SIGN UP Free HERE <----

The page will show out like below, you just need to key in your real name and username, email and handphone number, it's sure safe as I use it for years and withdrawal have no problem as well.

After fill in click create account.

Immediately a page like this will show up.

However it's not done yet in order to start trading, you need to go click Complete Profile.

Click continue in order to remove deposit limitation.

Fill in real detail is advisable as in future no problem on withdrawal. After that click next at bottom right.

Fill in correct address, country as well. Then click next.

Just choose any trading experience that describe you.

Again choose your educational knowledge, any that suit you.

Just try to answer the question at your best, not going to affect anything. its almost complete.

Again just choose any market that you used to trade or you prefer.

Just choose any trading strategy you like as this one also just for them as reference.

Any trading purpose is fine to be choose. and Next

Again this just choose whenever suit you. And then almost ready to go !

Again just fill in all the detail suit you, and left 2 question to complete !

Click Complete verification and then they will send you a code

Click send SMS then complete !!

Click this link to SIGN UP Free now !! HERE <----