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Monday, November 23, 2015


KIMHIN (5371) have come into our coverage after we monitor the price around RM 2.00 and its get our attention more now. We been mentioned this stock since last week 18/11/2015 in our telegram free groups, today close at RM 2.44.

After I mentioned this company, I quickly swim out from middle of the sea and go to visit this one of their factory past weekend.

(By looking at their company outlook, well maintain even the flower also nice, it's a sign they have lots of money to do maintenance, company are doing well) 

KIM HIN INDUSTRY BERHAD, is a very old and strong company, its have been go through at least a few generation already. What business they do you should google yourself. I here to share something might cannot google out. And I believe it's time for KIMHIN to super shine once again.  Lets look at the stock price:

In 90's, KIM HIN was a super expensive stock that value more than RM 10. From the chart I manage to get, the price show during 1995, it was trading at RM 18.00 !! Now you should know, how why I call this a Monster. And it's awake from the earth after long buried.

Why this Monster suddenly awake once again? This you must read a bit from this news yourself:

Kim Hin acquired United Kingdom-based Norcros Industry Pty Ltd, one of the major importers and distributors of Johnson Tiles in Australia, for some RM6.9mil last year.

Refer :

Lets get back some picture for my visit first before I explain more detail why this Monster may worth a look seriously. Over the weekend, staff are still working, and do you see that, it's clay or soil that can turn into $$$$$$. Those are very low cost stuff and its locally available, and exported in USD when turn into beautiful MOSAIC ! Interesting !

Busy busy busy ! So many staff doing work in the weekend, many businesss??

I quick quick ask one of the staff, recently very busy ka? Weekend masih kerja. The staff just reply yah many kerja. Hahahahaha.. Thanks his hardworking contribution.

As the Director, Chua said group earnings are expected to improve with the falling liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) price, which had dropped to RM2.37 from RM2.50 per kg in June and RM3.50 per kg before the plunge of global crude oil prices late last year.
As the company’s Kuching plant consumes an average of 800 tonnes of LPG a month, he said the fuel price reduction would translate into savings of some RM10 million a year, thereby boosting its profit margin. The fuel expenditure made up about 35% of the plant’s operational costs. Save RM 10 Million = Earn extra RM 10 Million !! Equal to last quarter result RM 10 Million !! That is a big saving !

Talking about their doing export business, look like busy loading their stock up to container, good business yo? Let us have a quick testing, how much KIMHIN should worth : 

By looking at latest 2 quarter result,

1st quarter RM 11 Million               = EPS 7.86 CENT
2nd quarter RM 10.6 Million           = EPS 7.18 CENT
3rd quarter (upcoming) RM 7 Mil    = EPS 4.44 CENT
4th quarter (next coming) RM 7 Mil = EPS 4.44 CENT

(I put lower estimate for Third and Fourth quarter just to not too over positive let say a RM 7 Million is good enough:)

Total EPS = RM 0.2392 Cent. By PE 10 = RM 2.392 !! If PE 12 RM 2.87, If PE 15 RM 3.58.

This estimation are already put their result as low as RM 7 Mil, what if upcoming result got more than RM 10 Million??? 

Another things are their retain earning are very high ! Already can give 1:1 Bonus if the company want to !

As a conclusion after our visit and finding, 

1. KIMHIN business back on track and expanding fast.
2. KIMHIN doing export business benefit if USD up.
3. Trading at low PE now but company growing.
4. Nett Cash Company, very low small debt, huge cash and other investment.
5. Fuel and gas price drop, help lower a lot cost.
6. I just brought RM 6k of their mosaic for house renovation.
7. Balance sheet show ready for BONUS issues ! Wish they give !
8. Major development are still in progress, mosaic are still major building material to be use.

My first TP RM 2.80, second TP RM 3.50, third TP RM 4.80 (pe 20), based on weaker result estimation. 

If post better result, KIMHIN this monster will meletup kuat !!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Where is our FBMKLCI heading ?

Well, this is a very big question for all Malaysian trader. Today I like to shares some of my views again on our FBMKLCI, our Bursa Malaysia Stock Market. Conclusion at the end of this writings. 

Let me use my own method to check on Top 30 Index counter performance first :

Ambank      NEGATIVE Financial year 2016 1st quarter poor than 2015
ASTRO      POSITIVE         Financial year 2016 1st quarter better than 2015
AXIATA      POSITIVE       Financial year 2015 2nd quarter better than 2014
BAT              NEGATIVE Financial year 2015 2nd quarter poor than 2014
CIMB      NEGATIVE Financial year 2015 2nd quarter poor than 2014 
DIGI      NEGATIVE Financial year 2015 2nd quarter poor than 2014
GENM      NEGATIVE Financial year 2015 2nd quarter poor than 2014
GENTING    NEGATIVE Financial year 2015 2nd quarter poor than 2014
HLBANK     POSITIVE         Financial year 2015 4th quarter better than 2014
HLFG      NEGATIVE Financial year 2015 4th quarter poor than 2014
IHH              POSITIVE         Financial year 2015 2nd quarter poor than 2014
IOICORP     NEGATIVE Financial year 2015 4th quarter poor than 2014
KLCC      POSITIVE         Financial year 2015 2nd quarter poor than 2014
KLK      NEGATIVE Financial year 2015 3 quarter poor than 2014
MAXIS      NEGATIVE Financial year 2015 2nd quarter poor than 2014
MAYBANK POSITIVE Financial year 2015 2nd quarter better than 2014
MISC         POSITIVE Financial year 2015 2 quarter better than 2014
PBBANK POSITIVE Financial year 2015 2 quarter better than 2014
PCHEM      NEGATIVE Financial year 2015 2 quarter poor than 2014
PETDAG       POSITIVE     Financial year 2015 2 quarter better than 2014
PETGAS       POSITIVE         Financial year 2015 2 quarter better than 2014
PPB              POSITIVE         Financial year 2015 2 quarter better than 2014
RHBCAP     AVERAGE         Financial year 2015 2 quarter average with 2014
SIME      NEGATIVE Financial year 2015 4 quarter is poor than 2014
SKPETRO   NEGATIVE         Financial year 2016 1st quarter poor than 2015
TENAGA      NEGATIVE Financial year 2015 3rd quarter poor than 2014
TM              NEGATIVE Financial year 2015 2 quarter poor than 2014
UMW      NEGATIVE Financial year 2015 2 quarter poor than 2014
WPRTS        AVERAGE         Financial year 2015 2 quarter poor than 2014
YTL          NEGATIVE Financial year 2015 4 quarter poor than 2014

(when i do this, I just glance very quick, mistake is possible)

17 NEGATIVE result, 11 POSITIVE result, 2 AVERAGE result. 

This show that our TOP 30 giant index link counter are mostly not doing great. It's tell why our market start to fall right after all May quarter result released. Will this company recover in coming month? I felt very unlikely !! 

Let us look at FBMKLCI daily chart. hanging around 1589.16. There is one very big volume down candle happen, a big gap up and close red on 1/9/2015. For me, I think this is a deadly candle It's very hard to be able to climb above this candle, which is 1660.22. 

What weekly chart say? I only can say, I saw two very big black down candle. It's telling me there have been 2 week, that index fall so badly. If there is another week big black down candle, I am pretty sure, our FBMKLCI is hopeless already, and very very high chance to break 1500. Why all this happen ? Just because of poor result? No, it's too many bad egg spoil the soup.

Lets look at our iShares MSCI Malaysia ETF that listed in NYSE Arca.

The iShares MSCI Malaysia ETF seeks to track the investment results of an index composed of Malaysian equities.
1. Exposure to large and mid-sized companies in Malaysia
2. Targeted access to 85% of the Malaysian stock market

Let us look at our USD/MYR, it's MELETUP and break new HIGH ! Wow ! 

What will this impact to our stock market? Very obviously, foreign fund will continue running away. Our cost of living will also MELETUP ! Food, imported product, many products price will increase at least 10-20% ! We just have GST 6% few month back, that time almost all product price increase 10-20%, now second round ! It's will impact big for lower income people. And you have to think seriously, did your salary increase even 5% this few month? 

I not yet even mentioned about Interest rate, China economy slow down, Political problem, Country Debts, which all seems to be negatives to us. 

Until here, I have my conclusion that, I think our FBMKLCI, and our stock market are seriously doing very badly because:

1. Most of the index counter have poor result. 
2. Technically index are very bearish. 
3. RM depreciate too fast that cause many problem.
4. Many others big issues will impact Malaysia Economy.
5. Foreign fund have no reason to stay.
6. Government fail to improve efficiency.

What we can do with our stock market ? Still any way to trade ? It's covered in my Facebook and telegram group chat. Welcome to add me. 

My short term target on FBMKLCI at 1500, medium 1400, bottom if worst happen 1100-1300. 

Friday, July 24, 2015


YOCB (5159) Yoong Onn is a leading integrated designer, manufacturer, distributor and retailer of home linen and bedding accessories in the region.

Founded in 1966, Yoong Onn has evolved from a home linen trading business to a full-fledged home linen and bedding accessories provider with a approximately more than 1000-strong staff force currently.

Yoong Onn’s products have enjoyed astounding success overseas, and are currently exported to the following countries: 
Singapore,Taiwan,Australia,Brunei,Fiji,Indonesia,Japan,Mozambique,New Caledonia,Turkey,Vietnam.

WHY I say YOCB is sleeping beauty? Because the business itself are very much related to sleeping. Yet Its so beautiful ! The price is cheap, the company is great, what more to say? Its not yet meletup !

Lets us look at the stock movement. To see how pretty is this sleeping beauty. From head to tail. 

Ever since IPO price 0.88, listing on 23/12/2009, YOCB reach highest prices on 27/6/2014 which is 1.39 and closed at 1.30. The price have come down during August which I expect due to surprising lower profit on that quarter. Price lowest at around 0.80. Recently its start to climb back to 1.0 which attract my attention very much. Is it the sleeping beauty awake !?

Lets us look at the body of YOCB sleeping beauty,

Wow, its never get sick and always stay healthy ! YOCB must be exercise a very good business management ! More to say, this year result is astonish ! Beside consistently making profit, its give dividend very often. Dividend Yield return at least around 4% which is considered very high yield now. 

Is that all? Lets us see inside the stomach of this sleeping beauty whether she very hungry?

Wow ! Cash is more than bank borrowings ! Its a nett cash company with zero risk ! Trade receivable have 59 million and trade payable only 16 million, YOCB still have many cash to collect ! This sleeping beauty is very full and not hungry at all. We don't have to feed her already :)

Any more surprise from YOCB the sleeping beauty? 

Hey hey, the retained profit is higher than share capital ! This sleeping beauty is ready to born baby bonus already ! If you love her, you will surely fall in love with her ! Check back history, she already gave birth before ! 


Since YOCB have giving bonus record, its pretty high chance to see YOCB give again !

Anymore surprise? 

Oh that's about export once again, we can see that last year foreign exchange rates show in 2014 Annual report for USD is around $3.21. But now? its about $3.80 ! SGD 2.8 ! How much different would it be?

USD around 18% increase and SGD around 8%.

Its will definitely benefit YOCB when RM is depreciating, exactly same like others furniture company !

So is buying now consider cheap? 

As of today price around RM 1.08, 4 rolling quarter PE at 9.0

Comparing with other furniture stock, mostly are over PE 10 to 15 at least. 

Lets us do some very simple projection once again, exactly same like previous post on JHM, 

Financial Year 2015

First quarter           3.3 Mil = 0.0207 EPS
Second quarter      6.5 Mil = 0.0412 EPS
Third quarter         6.7 Mil = 0.0423 EPS
Coming quarter     2.0 Mil = 0.0125 EPS  (I put very low to show if result bad still worth how much)

Total EPS year 2015 = 0.01167 EPS

0.1167 EPS x PE 10 = RM 1.16
0.1167 EPS x PE 12 = RM 1.40
0.1167 EPS x PE 15 = RM 1.75

What if coming August result is 6 Mil or more? If its 6 mil or more, YOCB at least worth  RM1.75 - RM 3.0.

As a conclusion,

1. YOCB is sleeping beauty that just awake.
2. Company are doing export business which got earn from USD appreciate as well.
3. Current trend of goreng stock are onto USD related, exported related.
4. Price still cheap..
5. Quarter result never make losses.
6. Nett cash company.
7. Potential to give bonus.
8. Its much better than many other furniture stock at higher valuation.
9. Its result potential to be good, that's why price got action now!

My first Target price RM 1.30, second target price RM 2.0, long term RM 3.0 if result maintain good. 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

JHM - The Shining Of High Brightness LED

JHM Consolidation Berhad (0127) is listed in my 40 good fundamental stocks picks on 05/07/2015, and shared in my telegram group, because of several simple reason. And today I am very happy because its start meletup !! Why we should continue put more focus into this company?

JHM currently focused on the design, development and provision of the following categories of MECs:-

(a) Components related to High Brightness Light Emitting Diode (“HB LED”);
(b) Fine pitch connector pins
(c) Other electronics component

Anything special about this company? Yes, the increasing demand of LED is the main reason to kick this company to move to recent new high. 

Lets look at the price movement first. 

Ever since the IPO price at around 0.40-0.45 year 2006, it move to highest around 0.63 and unluckily face the storm of 2007-2008 financial crisis and hit this company badly in their profit and recent years slowly recover back and this year will be their brightest shining year of 2015.  

This can be assured by looking at annual report 2014, chairman statement viewing on financial year 2015 outlook. 

Without explaining much on that sentence mean, we look closer to fundamental data. 

In year 2006 when they first listing, their annually net profit is standing at about 5.845 Million. EPS 6.06 cent. Estimated that time shares issues is around 96.45 Million. As of today, JHM total shares have increased to 123.00 Million, which still consider little. Why I highlighted this so much? Its important to see the potential of "MELETUP" and comparison with other similar sector, similar size of company.

As you can see, JHM and MMSV have many similarities, both are doing LED related and both have little shares inssued, and most probably JHM might outshine MMSV in futures because the shares issues is much lesser than MMSV !! PENTA also have many similarities as well ! 

Lets back to some calculation: 

Previous quarter result of JHM show flying record after so many years of struggles, now with the rising demand of LED, JHM finally have good result. Do not forget that in year 2006, JHM annual profit is 5.845 Million. In year 2015 single quarter, its have 1.571 Million. 

So what does it mean? Since today the price actions, the chairman confidence, tell us below:

With projections of profit for coming quarter result maintain at average only, 
 (however chairman think it will do better)

Year 2015

First quarter (May 2015) 1.571 Million profit = 1.45 EPS
Second quarter (August 2015) 1.5 Million profit =  1.21 EPS (projected)
Thirds quarter (November 2015) 1.5 Million profit = 1.21 EPS (projected)
Fourth quarter (Fedruary 2015) 1.5 Million profit = 1.21 EPS (projected)

Adding up of full year EPS = 5.08 EPS Its almost closed to IPO 2006 EPS 6.06. 

By calculate simple PE 

5.08 EPS x 10 = 0.508
5.08 EPS x 15 = 0.762
5.08 EPS x 20 = 1.016 !!

Peers such as MMSV are trading at PE 10.77 rolling 4 quarter, PENTA at PE 14.60.

Therefore I would say that JHM should trading at above PE 10 which is at least above 0.50 !  

What if the result is much better than first quarter !? It will meletup just like what MMSV and PENTA did!! 

As a Conclusion:

1. JHM is another very classic LED related company that will outshine in Bursa Stock Market. 
2. Its obvious that coming quarter result will be good by looking at today price movement.
3. Its have UMA, DNA, most of the stock that call for UMA have extra ordinary power. 
4. Based on simple PE calculation, JHM still cheap and its will fly high. 
5. JHM shares issues is very little, therefore it will definitely move up !
6. In the month of big sell down in June, JHM did not shy away at all.
7. Its time heading to previous new high RM 0.63 without any doubt.
8. Today I walk into lighting shop, and the salesman tell me choose LED ! Save energy ! 

My First TP 0.50, Second TP 0.63, Third TP 1.0. 

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri YEAR 2015 

Monday, June 29, 2015


After nearly half years past of my first post, or two quarter after my first post, I decided to write a reviews and follow up with HOVID, which also consider part 2 of HOVID.

Why? Because six sense tell me its the best time for me to share about this stock once again. Lets reviews on past performance of HOVID.

I remember previously I shared on HOVID on 26 November 2014, which price around 0.385, as of today trading at 0.485. About 25%. If you able to sell at high 0.56 you will gain a 45% return. Is that enough for you? For me, I not satisfy with such profit yet. Why? Because its long term investment, and therefore I looking for 200% at least.

Lets look at our Malaysia TOP 30 company or we call FBMKLCI index. Overall performance was 2 major deep down since November 2014 until now end of June 2015. What we can see is HOVID performance is much better than these 30 index stock performance and the price of HOVID did not drop way back to 0.325 although index drop almost close to past year level. Why?

By looking back financial result, quarter 2 and 3 is obviously better than last year. Is that the reason why price is did not go back to last year low? Or there is other reason to support it?

We also take their one of their major partner to see how is actually this sector doing in other country.

We take SANOFI as you can see SANOFI is a great France company. Refer Here <---

Even Europe is having crisis, we can see that SANOFI is very steady uptrend. If you check SANOFI listed at New York, it's also very steady uptrend. And have a look at our PHARMA, CCMBIO,YSPSAH, all are actually very steady ! This sector is very defensive and recession proved ! Its a long term stock for sure !

Let me elaborate how the new plant will benefit you and their company. Its say that their tablet and capsule account for roughly 60% of their revenue. 

We take average revenue for past 3 quarter = 48 Million

Tablet and capsule = 60% of Revenue = Total 48 Mil x 60% = 28.8 Mil

New plant increase 30% production = 28.8 Mil x 30% = 8.64 Mil

Which mean, new plant at least will increase revenue to about 48+8 = 56 Mil

How much the net profit might increase?

We take 5 mil as average earning per quarter X existing plant 60% = 3 Mil

3 Mil come from existing tablet and capsule plant.

3 Mil X 30% new plant = 0.9 Mil.

Which mean, the new plant will roughly contribute net profit of 1 Million, which they claims will have higher efficiency that might turn up roughly 1-2 Million.

How much it can affect EPS for only 1 Million? 1/774 million shares = 0.00129 EPS

Which by taking estimate coming quarter and futures, net profit about 7-8 Million at least which will get EPS around 0.0088 EPS

A quick calculation : 0.0088 X 4 quarter = 0.0352 EPS per year.

0.0352 x 10 pe = 0.352
0.0352 x 15 pe = 0.528
0.0352 x 20 pe = 0.704

Currently HOVID is trading at about PE 20. In futures when the new plant fully contribute, we shall see stable cash income for HOVID. More to say, they still have second phase of plant that going to be ready in coming few month.

So as a conclusion, HOVID is fairly cheap at this moment. Market drop will offer opportunity to collect HOVID for futures long term play.

My target remain, 0.60 and 1.0. Long term I will hold until I die and pass to my family as retire fund for them and toy fun for children.

Thank you HOVID, and think closely, how many chance we can grabs a stock at cheap price if market did not crash ?

Monday, April 13, 2015

ESCERAM - Fast Growing Glove Stocks

After a long time I dint update my blog, today I would like to share another new stock which is 
ES CERAMICS TECHNOLOGY BERHAD (0100) (Shariah-compliant) Today Close 0.325 . Why?

I am interested with this company because my logic analysis tell me yes ! This is the company I want to buy for short/medium/long term. Lets us have a quick review in GLOVE sector Malaysia. refer over HERE: <----
To be not surprise Malaysia is well known to be one of the world largest producer of gloves. refer HERE <--  

We have seen many successful company for glove sector in Malaysia, will ESCERAM too? 

Lets back to ESCERAM, why is ESCERAM become so interesting to me? ESCERAM like no other, they are producing ceramic gloves, and major customer is actually from some of the local glove company like TOPGLOV, SUPERMX and others.. 

Lets us look at the result, wow ! First 2 quarter already 2.5 Million compare to past 4 quarter of 2014. A huge growth in their profit. That's why ESCERAM is climbing up slowly, and quietly.

Is this company owe a lot money? No ! Its a nett cash company with about 5 cent per share. And Return of Equity (ROE) is about 16%. Just see the balance sheet yourself, if you dont understand, just remember its a nett cash company ! A nett cash company mean they are free from high risk if economy or business slow down because they will not going to have problem paying bank debt.

Nothing seems exciting enough about this company? Because of the price have already increase a lot? By looking at the chart, today closing 0.325 show closing at new high and its very potential to fly in short term. WHY it's at such a high price but people still buying in? What they actually see from ESCERAM? Lets me reveal the simple secret !

Its still undervalue of course !! Lets us compare with PE of others gloves company and you will found the PE at 24. If you using excel force PE calculation, they are actually count the previous quarter 1-4 quarter, and ignore the quarter result of 1-2.

Which mean, if you check, Kossan PE is correct, but ESCERAM if rolling 4 quarter will be wrong. If using rolling 4 quarter, ESCERAM PE at only 13 ! 0.315/0.023= PE 13, EPS(QE 3+4+1+2). Its only about PE 13 as for now.

What if we projected the future growth and what will the PE look like ?

We use the first quarter result of latest year as our calculation, and we use conservation method to say coming quarter 3 and 4 give the same result as quarter 1:

Quarter 1 - Earning about 1.1 Million = EPS 0.007
Quarter 2 - Earning about 1.3 Million = EPS 0.007
Quarter 3 - Earning about 1.1 Million = EPS 0.007
Quarter 4 - Earning about 1.1 Million = EPS 0.007
                                               ToTal = EPS 0.028

EPS 0.028 X PE 10 = 0.28
EPS 0.028 X PE 15 = 0.42
EPS 0.028 X PE 20 = 0.56

This is calculation if coming quarter result maintain without growth ! If earning 2 million? That would be big flying up. 

Below is our group chat info provided at weekend, if you have brought at monday opening, you will have 1 cent earning already. Sikit sikit jadi bukit mah...

Logic Trading Analysis, [12.04.15 16:20]
Weekly LogicTrade:
ESCERAM (0100) Tutup 0.31
ESCERAM ialah glove sektor yang untung daripada US dollar naik dan business perkembangan yang sangat baik. Lihat lah CAREPLS yang naik begitu banyak walaupun keuntungan agak sama saja banding ESCERAM.

CAREPLS PE 49.23 (rolling 4 quarter)
ESCERAM PE 20.66 (tahun 2014) Masih Murah !

ESCERAM Q1 & Q2 sudah ada agak tahun lepas punya keuntungan ia itu EPS 0.013 banding tahun lepas 4 quarter 0.015. Oleh itu result Q3 Q4 yang akan datang pada bulan ini April dan Jul kalau maintain saja 1 mil + atau lebih banyak, ESCERAM potentil naik sampai 0.56 PE 15 saja.

Tutup 0.31, TP 1 0.435, TP 2 0.60 TP 3 0.80.


As a conclusion:

1. The company is promise to increase their efficiency of operation to reduce cost. (show in result note)
2. Glove sector remain in strong growth sector, and if any sickness spread again will boost demand (high possible like last year EBOLA).
3. Result improve dramatically, and its undervalue.
4. Price still have room to up, chart is preparing breakout.
5. The company in nett cash position, got chance giving out dividend soon.
6. Result out this month, can decide your decision is right or wrong very soon. (if result bad, then sell it)

My first target price 0.435, second TP 0.60, third TP 0.80.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

A Quick Reviews on Recent Bursa Malaysia Stock Market

April Fools just past, have you been fooled by Bursa Stock Market ? I guess most of you are not and feeling happy because goreng goreng month in March is really exciting, if you cannot make money at March, you need to seriously think about your trading plan and stock picks. And not to waste this APRIL !

I just want to do a quick reviews on recent Bursa Malaysia Stock Market. Look at FBMKLCI 2014 till now.

FBM Index as 3 April is at 1834.52, showing that its do not have much increase or drop comparing to First trading day of 2014. What it mean? Its simply mean index actually not yet perform. So we need to take all 30 company result to check whether index will worth higher?

Ambank POSITIVE Financial year 2015 3 quarter better than 2014
ASTRO POSITIVE Financial year 2015 4 quarter better than 2014 but price dint go new high
AXIATA NEGATIVE Financial year 2014 4 quarter better than 2013
BAT POSITIVE Financial year 2015 4 quarter better than 2014 but price dint go new high
CIMB NEGATIVE Financial year 2014 4 quarter poor than 2013, price also follow fall a lot
DIGI POSITIVE Financial year 2014 4 quarter better than 2013
FGV NEGATIVE Financial year 2014 4 quarter poor than 2013
GENM NEGATIVE Financial year 2014 4 quarter poor than 2013
GENTING NEGATIVE Financial year 2014 4 quarter poor than 2013
HLBANK POSITIVE Financial year 2015 2 quarter better than 2014
HLFG AVERAGE Financial year 2014-2015 result average
IHH POSITIVE Financial year 2014 4 quarter better than 2013
IOICORP NEGATIVE Financial year 2015 2 quarter poor than 2014
KLCC POSITIVE Financial year 2014 better than 2013
KLK AVERAGE Financial year 2014-2015 result average
MAXIS AVERAGE Financial year 2013-2014 average
MAYBANK POSITIVE Financial year 2014 better than 2013
MISC POSITIVE Financial year 2014 better than 2013
PBBANK POSITIVE Financial year 2014 better than 2013
PCHEM NEGATIVE Financial year 2014 poor than 2013
PETDAG NEGATIVE Financial year 2014 poor than 2013
PETGAS NEGATIVE Financial year 2014 poor than 2013
PPB AVERAGE Financial year 2013-2014 average
RHBCAP POSITIVE Financial year 2014 better than 2013
SIME NEGATIVE Financial year 2015 2 quarter is poor than 2014
SKPETRO NEGATIVE Financial year 2014 poor than 2013
TENAGA POSITIVE Financial year 2014 better than 2013
TM NEGATIVE Financial year 2014 poor than 2013 but outlook always positive
UMW POSITIVE Financial year 2014 better than 2013
YTL NEGATIVE Financial year 2015 2 quarter poor than 2014

As a conclusion, WOW ! 13 POSITIVE, 13 NEGATIVE, 4 AVERAGE ! Its a tie result ! That's why our index are moving a no up down comparing to 2014. 

Now looking at our currency which is many Malaysian worries as well. For me, I not worry at all ! If you know how to choose stock. Latest show RM slightly increase back value recently, Its a good sign to stock market right?  Although might continue go higher, buy lah export sector counter ! Dont scare !

Ok next oil price, also very much care by Malaysian because we got many oil related stock to goreng in Bursa Malaysia.

Wahh drop a lot already right? Volume also so many right? People say it will drop until break 40, you believe? Oil producer got so stupid or not to sell everybody cheap cheap ? You have logic analysis skill or not? You self better think think oh.. My believe is that oil will definitely one day climbing up rather than continue go low. That mean it's another boost to our stock market.

By looking at ASIAN countries STOCK INDEX such as Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Shanghai, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, all is pointing upwards. Sorry lazy to post chart out, yourself go see la !

Therefore I have a quick conclusion that OUR FBMKLCI INDEX at this point is reasonable and very high chance BREAK NEW HIGH LA (although maybe many corrections come along) ! (beware if you buy a lot index put warrant.. hahahaha)

I know you will worry about so call 1MDB issues, or political issue that Mahatir asking Ahjib to quit, let me tell you, before everything happen, stock market will do fine, dont worry too much unless you are planning to do a very very long term trading, which I not advise you to do so. You have to react faster in recent stock market and I will update you all if anything really go wrong in FACEBOOK.

Talk so much but dint give tips .. for me its not logic also la !

Lets see which stock we can focus, hantam, hoot ! 

Technology Sector, Export Sector and Electronics Manufacturer is my main focus.



Electronics Manufacturer Sector: MIKROMB, PENTA, MMSV, JCY, EG, INARI

Happy Trading in APRIL ! More to comes !

I just sharing my though ! I not professional ! If I wrong, its normal !

Friday, January 23, 2015

DNEX - Asean First Cargo/Trade Facility Provider

This week Market have finally come alive and I would like to share with you all about this future superstar 

DNEX (4456)

I like DNEX very much because of what they do are really important to help businesses grow. Basically you can find a few business offer at their website. But what I want to highlight today is their 2 latest business. 

mytrade2cash.com and coming next mycargo2u just launch yesterday. 

Lets back to my logic trading analysis style first. Lets us have a look at how the price movement of DNEX recently. 

We notice that on beginning of November, price have spike from 0.30 to about 0.40. Why is this happen? Yeah review back its because of the launching mytrade2cash collaboration with Maybank. Not to forget, they expect 5 Billion of trade financing through this website. How much you think DNEX will benefit from it? Lets say if 1%, its equal to 50 mil !! 

About mytrade2cash read more yourself here : click <---

Why such a good news but price keep falling in December? We all have to know that its because of big impact of world oil price decrease and poor market sentiment cause it. 

As of today volume and price hike again, its a strong sign show that its time for DNEX to fly high. Add on yesterday DNEX annouce another new service call mycargo2u, which will help importer and exporter business around ASEAN. Its GST included ! 

you shall read more yourself here : click <--- 

Lets do a simple check on their company earning: 

After DNEX successfully turnaround after digested TIME ENGINEERING, a constant of 3-4 million made. As compare to year 2013, 4 quarter is still making losses, coming quarter we can expecting DNEX giving a super good result because of more service and project they have launch. 

By looking at ASEAN as a whole, import and export business will definitely grow, plus cheap oil price will reduce cost of shipping company which might boost the demand of shipping business. 

If think of online website service provider, you may think of the success of MYEG. MYEG used to be a penny stock and fly as high as 4.0 something. 

How about DNEX? DNEX also doing the same thing, but their business is offer to much larger extend, its offer to ASEAN, not just in Malaysia, and its much towards B2B, which involve in larger amount of transaction and for sure company do not always change their service if DNEX website is convenient for them. 

Think logically, at this moment, DNEX doesn't have any competitor at all, what they have to do is just secure more customer and improved their system. and wallaa ! Money flow to DNEX non stop !

As a conclusion,

1. DNEX - have a very bright future
2. National Single Window - will benefit DNEX 
3. DNEX - price still very low and cheap 
4. DNEX - confirm will earn more in coming quarter 
5. Big player is pushing now, we shall see a BIG N shape rebound and break above 0.40.

My first TP, 0.38, second TP 0.42, third TP 0.60, future 1.0 to be reviewed.