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Saturday, August 30, 2014

CENSOF - Safe Heaven to All IN

This is my first logical analysis post, I will share to you how this CENSOF will be the most safe heaven to ALL IN in coming very near term.


Why CENSOF ? Its the most safe bet for now when market is not stable and all the company result have already released. So what we should focus and play from now on?

First we should now know, good result company mostly no up a lot or even drop such as INARI and others, bad result company drop much more. So trade fundamentally will definitely kill you immediately.

Market now focus on theme play and rumors much more than any TA or FA can do. Just take a look at IFCAMSC. GST in the move.

IFCAMSC have fly high from less than 0.10 to 0.495 in less than 3 month. If you based on TA, its extremely oversold and you will definately missed the opportunity. If you based on FA, this company PE is surely sky high. Its simply because BRAHMAL VASUDEVAN effect on this counter + gst play + a better earning. 

So what is all about with CENSOF ? Logic tell me CENSOF should fly much more than IFCAMSC can. Is that great? But of course CENSOF dont have indian man effect but without that, with my logic finding, it should reach my target at very short term. 

1. Just do a quick comparison for FA. A very quick one, you can see surprisingly CENSOF have less share issued compare with IFCAMSC. Market float is also not far much different. 35.21% IFCAMSC, CENSOF 42.25%. Which mean CENSOF can be fried easily like IFCAMSC too.

Compare to latest quarterly result, CENSOF are doing much better than IFCAMSC.
2. Look at CENSOF price. CENSOF not even start to fly up to previous high yet after result released due to poor market sentiment. So this is the best chance to enter and ignore whether the market is good or bad !! The lowest it can drop will not more than around 0.48. Logically it wont drop below 0.50 anymore and its tell me you don have to wait breakout or any stupid signal to all in this counter. You have to get in immediately before too late.When market turn good this will definitely fried high.

3. After you see FA and TA, we should apply more LA now. 

Censof own DNEX shares since last year at a very cheap price around 0.20+ and already sell off some.
Refer to : here 

And check yourself what is DNEX price now. : 0.325 !! 

Logic analysis tell CENSOF have already earn from their investment from DNEX ! And some more DNEX profit is improving !! Which mean it will unlock more values to CENSOF !! Bravo !!

4. GST is a very hot theme bring up by IFCAMSC, so we can obviously see market will put more focus onto other GST related counter also. You don have to care whether CENSOF will doing well for next quarter or not, logically it can be fried to break new high before next quarter result come. (Then you only prepare for exit or hold)

(some more company that buy GST software is still very little, more sales are coming, think logically confirm next quarter can do better than previous !) If 1 GST software sell RM 5000, 200 company buy = RM 1 mil. If they sell more expensive and get more than 200 client? How many company in Malaysia? Easily they can do better than previous quarter.

5. Lets logically think will the enter price of 0.52 being wash in near term. First move was at 0.48. If you are contra player that come in at 0.48. You most probably left at 0.50-0.52. And previous Friday volume, you can judge that first badge of contra player have already say bye bye. So to drop below 0.50 is hardly being affected by contra player. If coming Tuesday another badge of contra player come in at 0.510-0.525, I sure they will hold tight to at least 0.53 above only sell. Which mean, logically this stock will very hard drop below 0.51. 

Let say if the big player to wash you down below 0.50 to scare you, I will all in my mother father grandmother father money into this stock so that I can get such a cheap stock and wait big player fried for me again, will they so stupid? What will other do? Think logically this stock is such beautiful and only need to apply "logic analysis" to trade.

As a conclusion, 

Market focus on penny stocks now. To trade safe, look for stock not yet being deep fried and so you wont be deep fried by big players. IFCAMSC is already over fried, the risk is very high compare to CENSOF. Will market change focus to CENSOF ? This let yourself decide.

CENSOF should be coming weeks fried star and my first Target Price 0.605, second TP 0.655 third TP 0.80.    

About Bursa Stocks Logic Trading Analysis

What is Logic Trading Analysis?

I started this blog because I have experienced the failure of using TA (technical analysis) and FA (fundamental analysis) trading in Bursa Malaysia stocks.

Losing money is pain, but if not from all these pain, I will not learn to trade by my own "Logic Trading Analysis" to conquer the failure of TA and FA over time. Purely based on TA or FA is not good enough because the price movement of some popular stocks is getting more tricky BECAUSE the big player know your weakness and your TA or FA skills. That's why its important to use Logic Trading Analysis to avoid being kill by the big player.

So what is Logic Trading Analysis all about?

1. Logic trading analysis can be very abstract, it cant fully see by your bare eye, its required your brain to think fast, and act different, in order to win the game trading in the markets. 

2. Logic trading is to think, to trade differently not just based on technical analysis entry/exit, not just based on good fundamental. Its also think on the overall market ability, big player appetite, emotion, as well as the news, rumors that spread around the market.

3. Logic trading not mean to trade "logically" but its also can be illogical. It have to apply flexibly and changes quickly to favor the market and stocks movement.

4. Usually apply on very short term trading, it might only apply on next day, few hour, or weeks. 

Disclaimer: This is my personal logic trading analysis blog  that show my own personal analysis. All information provided here are for sharing purposes only. The author should not be held liable for any informational errors, incompleteness or for any actions taken in reliance on information contained herein.