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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

FRONTKN - Rising Asian Demand

FRONTKN (0128)  is a very unique company where not much other company doing the same thing they do. Its hard to explain what they do, best you move to their website and have a look. Today I share with you all why FRONTKN is covered by me and how potential this stock can rise !

Why this stock must put serious attention into it? This must look at the latest quarter result to confirm, yes, this stock is time to fly high. Its more than 3 years all time high for quarterly revenue and net profit !

If we look at what contribute the such a good quarter result, surprise its from TAIWAN ! Would it because of  Taiwan gas pipe bomb ? Anyway they also put CHINA, INDONESIA at their list, which this two country are going to be the most strong growth in coming years.

My logic tells they going to secures more project from different countries and will improve their business. Which its show the management truly have desire to put their company into good score, remember last two years they are selling their inactive companies, have German directors buying shares and others, its a improving and recovering company !!

By looking at chart, its a very bullish signal and its very high chance to break previous high of 0.20 and move towards many years back high which is 0.50+.

I do not want to elaborate too detail about this company because I am confident this stock will rise ! You may do your studies !

My logic analysis tells FRONTKN is a very good counter to invest,

1. Result show very good, price still very low, very high potential to fried.
2. Company business is unique, which less competitor and high business growth potential.
3. Warrant will expired soon, high chance director will take opportunity to fried mother share up to let go warrant.
4. Oil and GAS counter all rebound strongly, which will benefit FRONTKN as well.

My first TP 0.22, Second 0.30, Third 0.50 (long term)


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  2. Actually, You must not elaborate too detail about this company. Every company have some privacy and security and we people have to follow it. Cheers!
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