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Thursday, November 20, 2014

CENSOF - Safe Heaven To All IN Trip 2

Refer back my first Safe Heaven To ALL in for Censof here


Why Am I writting second post ? Because its best moment to share to you all my logic trading analysis on why CENSOF is confirm to be Safe Heaven to All in Trip No 2.

First trip, I believe everybody makes good money after getting free warrant from Censof, Censof-wb.

I will explain in detail how and why CENSOF will definately safe heaven to All in:

1. We refer to some others GST counter, the most popular IFCAMSC (0023) , YGL (0086)

IFCAMSC post very good profit, and during their CEO briefing after result, they HINT GST income will only fully shown in coming quarter result (February)

YGL, even though previous many quarter YGL is making losses, but stock price also manage to pump up triple. And some one call WONG AH YONG (470722-10-5135) 67 years retire age man are still buying YGL. Logic tells this man are not nut, and he confirm this counter will show good result for sure within this few day. 

Lets looks back to CENSOF (5195)

If we calculate the free warrant b today price 0.365 (0.365/4 = 0.091) 

Mother price of today 0.54+0.091= 0.631. <--- This number is important !

Even you plus up the free warrant, up to date CENSOF only 0.631 from rally 0.48 which is only about 30% of increase. Other stock already double and triple from the rally point. 

So, what make my LOGIC trading analysis say about CENSOF ? WHY I am so confirm?

First, show above, CENSOF not yet fully fried by big players as there is others counter to fried. Its almost time for them to come back. BIG player have plenty of FREE warrant B to let go, which if they FRIED CENSOF, their FREE WARRANT B also UP ! WIN WIN Situation ! For sure they will take the opportunity to fried it once good result is out !

Second, do not forget I mention before that CENSOF own DNEX ! Look at DNEX ! Did you notice super BIG WHITE CANDLE ? Yes, they announce they have project with MAYBANK which expecting can earn many from the collaboration. Please check yourself HERE : <---- Click

And from some one very reliable saying that one of the local funds is buying DNEX ! You think that big white candle can be done by retailer? Nope. Its local funds. 

Dnex also post their result this month and its positive and expecting to be better in coming quarter because import and export will be more important in next year, plus their project with Maybank will definitely boost DNEX profit.

My Logic Trading Analysis says,

1. CENSOF still have plenty of room to up. 
2. CENSOF this and next quarter result will confirm good. 
3. CENSOF up = free warrant b up, mean big player will collect more CENSOF and push up to enjoy 2 ride. CENSOF up = Free warrant b up. 1 bird 2 stone. 
4. DNEX bright futures, good result already shown. 

5. Now CENSOF is at cheap price due to poor market sentiment, nearly oversold, which expecting a new rally will form very soon, or right after result is out !

My first tp 0.60, second tp 0.70, last tp 1.0.

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