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Wednesday, November 18, 2020


 I don't usually write blog until I found the stock really worth a look. This company highly potential move up big, recently just start kick in only.


PA (7225) already listed long ago, it's a long history stock in BURSA that seems to be sleeping very long time already. What make it interesting now is that this company finally strongly recover, and going to start growing. 

Latest few quarter showing strong earning recover and its mostly going to do better. Because alluminium price as per today keep on increasing upward. 

As we can see, many new car increase using Aluminium. Luxury vehicles such as Ford, Audi, and Mercedes Benz have increased the adoption of aluminum as a versatile material of choice in body structures including engine, transmission, and wheels.

If we look at PMETAL, then it's no reason to ignore PA. They both have similar business, Aluminium billets and tolling.

PMETAL already go new high, thanks to alluminium price also hitting new high, most importantly the demand of alluminium also very high now. 

It will soon likes gloves, demand exceed supply, then the asp will continue go up every month. 

So what so interesting about PA ?

First Solar is a very big solar company in USA, its PA client. From our sources we believe that they will renew this contract soon, and with even bigger amount, because BIDEN win the USA election.

Very obvious, Biden is Green energy, so First Solar wound be growing even further. 

Lets look at PA chart

Technically already break 2013 high, and with big volume, this is what I call a the wake of 7 year sleeping beauty, then next 7 week might see spiral up all the way to RM 0.30. How is it possible? 

With this just approved on 16/11/2020, the share of PA will reduce half, which will become less heavy, just like the case of VIVOCOM, super easily goreng up. 

As a conclusion,

1. PA is on a strong recovery trend in technical and fundamental.

2. Alluminium price and demand is increasing.

3. PA doing share consolidate, which we can see VIVOCOM and many other case after split price will goreng up big.

4. First solar is their client, which is going to benefit them even more in future.

5. The price is just waking up, it will continue go up until share consolidate done, and go even higher. 

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