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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

N2N - SuperDuper Bull In The Making

If you haven't read my sharing blog post on N2N (0108), please study the link below first:

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Today I going to share some more about N2N on why this will be a SuperDuper Rally.

You should already know that in previous post I mentioned that the company going to make great profit, still undervalues, and Risk Reward is very good.

At first lets us review the recent stock price movement:

We can finally see another test of RM 1.00 is coming with very strong volume which already very ready for a breakout. And people used to say third time test surely high chance to break.

And previous post on technical analysis already mentioned that after break RM 1.00 then SuperDuperBull will start !

Why is this going to happen? First of all we need to know why it's so bullish, but we already explain in all the past 3 article mention above, so I tell you some other simple information that might give you a clear mind why we should not miss this opportunity when its's still below RM 1.00 !

Look ! History tell after break RM 1.00 will be SuperDuperBull, and this time I highly believe it's going to repeat again !

Why is this happen? We share to you one simple trick ! That's the reason why Operator don't want you to collect below RM 1.00 previously and keep park selling blocking near RM 1.00 !

Look at this chart carefully you can easily understand that every single bid below RM 1.00 it's going to take RM 0.005 cent to go up ! But after RM 1.00, every bid up is RM 0.01 cent !

Still not understand?

for example :

Price from RM 0.90 to RM 1.00 = UP RM 0.10 cent

RM 0.90, RM 0.905, RM 0.91, RM 0.915, RM 0.92, RM 0.925, RM 0.93, RM 0.935, RM 0.94, RM 0.945, RM 0.95, RM 0.955, RM 0.96, RM 0.965, RM 0.97, RM 0.975, RM 0.98, RM 0.985, RM 0.99, RM 0.995, RM 1.00.

In this process, it take up total  21 bid to go up. Simply mean every bid will have a lot seller blocking which trader will always sell and causing a lot road block. 21 bid become a very big burden for operator to push up.

However after break RM 1.00.

From RM 1.00 to RM 1.01 = UP RM 0.10 cent

RM 1.00, RM 1.01, RM 1.02, RM 1.03, RM 1.04, RM 1.05, RM 1.06, RM 1.07, RM 1.08, RM 1.09, RM 1.10.

It only take 11 bid to go up same amount of RM 0.10 cent !!

That's one of the reason after break RM 1.00 will be much more bullish !

Some more !

USD have been weaken and this will benefited N2N as they have USD loan ! Forex gain at least 2-3% this quarter !

Some more !

There is a saying, if you not afford to buy BURSA (1818), buy N2N (1818) lah ! 

Why ??

Because when market bull, BURSA make more money, same to N2N ! A great cheap proxy !

Some more !

Look who are their big shareholder !? Nikkei Inc ! Quick Corp ! These are super strong company in Japan !

Got such strong company as shareholder, got what to scare? It will only help N2N to grow and Meletup ! See below they going to roll out something call QUICK PRO in JAPAN and across Asia !


Got more income is coming !

Some more !

source: http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/n2n-connect-expand-asian-footprint

N2N market shares up to 70% ! Super huge ! King !

Some more !

The company already have plan to transfer to mainboard long ago ! Transfer to mainboard usually market will goreng up ! We can see HSSEB, SALUTE, and many others as example !

Some more !

By looking at the chart year 2014 to 2017, the chart actually show the trading volume is very low, whereby operator don't really have much chance to collect well. And average cost mostly within RM 0.70 - RM 0.90.

Look at recent chart movement we know that they have no choice to immediately collect at this level ! And there will be last collection ! After break RM 1.00 then time to SuperDuperRally ! Make them push higher ! Don't give them chance to collect low !

As a conclusion, 

1. Once N2N break RM 1.00 price will push up very fast.
2. After break RM 1.00 can more easy go up due to less bid needed.
3. USD weaken benefited N2N for forex gain on USD loan.
4. N2N a cheap proxy of BURSA as both related to financial investment services.
5. N2N big shareholder Nikkei Inc and Quick Corp is a very strong background company.
6. N2N got plan to move Mainboard which will potential goreng up.
7. It's might be chance to collect below RM 1.00 before it SuperDullyRally BULL !

Again I further increase my short term hope to reach RM 1.30, mid term hope RM 1.88, long term hope RM 2.50.

Above are purely sharing information that might have errors cause by human mistake, miscalculation, and for education and personal reference only.


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